A Complete Free Open Source
Agent AI Framework For Unity
Easy To Customize

Total AI's comprehensive ScriptableObject Type system allows for quick and easy customization. Simply inherit from the Type to be modified, implement the key methods, and then plug in your new Type.

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Powerful And Flexible AI

Total AI builds a strong general foundation for agent based AI for a wide range of games. GOAP, Utility AI, and FSM are the currently implemented Planners with DeepRL coming soon. Target Factors, which use principles of Utility AI, can dynamically select targets.

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Open Source

Licensed under the permissive MIT-License. Open source and free forever. Contribute, submit bugs or feature requests.

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Mappings & Plans

Total AI's core unit of a Plan is a Mapping. It has Input Conditions that must be true for it to be performed and Output Changes which occur at various timings during the running of the Mapping. Plans combine Mappings into a tree structure allowing for complex plans.

Intelligent Customizable Agents

Agents are divided into logical parts: Planner, Decider, Sensors, Memory, History, Utility Function, Movement, and Animation. Each part is easy to customize and an be different for each Agent. Agents abilities and motivations are defined by their Actions, Drives, and Attributes. They also have a general inventory system which uses a Utility AI like system to pick inventory items.

World Objects

World Objects are non-Agent object that exists in the world. They can be built, can grow, can be damaged, can have states, can be tagged, and can change appearance based on any of these factors. They also have inventory and can convert inventory using recipes.